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How to Cook Tasty Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets

Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets.

Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets most diverse and own mind flavor that unique. Few kinds of Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets recipes are also adequate convenient to process and do not pick up long. Although not everyone likes Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets food, currently few people are get attached and like the sundry Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets foods on hand. This can be seen than the number of restaurants that provide Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets as one of the dish. You can cook Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets using 18 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets

  1. It's 2 of Large Potatoes: Cut into 2 halves.
  2. You need 2 tsps of Salt.
  3. Prepare 4 tbsps of EVOO.
  4. Prepare 1 of Onion: Finely Chopped.
  5. It's 1 tbsp of Ginger-Garlic: Finely Chopped.
  6. Prepare 1/4 Cup of Tomatoes: Finely Chopped.
  7. It's 2-4 of Eggs.
  8. You need 2-3 of Green Chillies: Finely Chopped.
  9. You need 1/2 tsp of Red Chilli Flakes.
  10. Prepare 1/2 tsp of Mixed Herbs.
  11. It's 1/2 tsp of Black Peppercorns: Freshly Cracked.
  12. It's 1/4 Cup of Mozzarella Cheese: Finely Grated.
  13. You need 1/4 Cup of Processed Cheese: Finely Grated.
  14. It's as needed of Garnish: Finely Chopped Coriander Leaves or Chives.
  15. Prepare 1 Handful of Black Olives.
  16. Prepare 1 Handful of Red Bellpepper.
  17. It's 1 Handful of Freshly Chopped Coriander Leaves or Chives.
  18. Prepare 1 of Baking Tray- Pre-greased/lined with the butter paper or even simply some oil.

Double Baked Potato-Egg Jackets step by step

  1. First up: Bake the cleaned potatoes (washing & cleaning should be done absolutely neatly so as to avoid any muds on it), with the skin on, prick nicely with a fork...sprinkle some Himalayan Rock Salt & pour generously some EVOO for a proper baking without any water at all yet delectably baked.
  2. Preheat the oven @180C for about 10-15 mins time before baking at the same temp. for another 20-25 mins time depending on the size & quality of the potatoes & different oven temperature set ups.
  3. Once well baked- Turn off the oven & let it sit inside the hot oven itself until the stuffing’s prepared.
  4. Now, in a mixing bowl keep rest all other ingredients aforementioned ready...Heat up a frying pan over the medium flame & add in the oil/butter- Then, add in the chopped veggies & sauté until translucent & reduce in volume & the raw smell goes off.
  5. Once that’s done too: Break in the Eggs into the same & gently scramble it with the sautéed veggies/mixture, add in some grated cheese & reduce the flame to low at this point.
  6. Now, take out the baked potatoes from the oven- it should be cooled enough to scoop it out carefully without damaging its body at all- Since that’s the pocket/jacket of this very dish.
  7. Once done: Place them into the baking tray & carefully, stuff the prepared mixture inside it, in all the 4 halves- Add in the grated/sliced cheese into the same.
  8. With the sliced black olives- Make its eyes & slit red chillies or red bell peppers or even cherry tomatoes, make its lips & place them carefully into the baking dish/tray.
  9. Bake them once more- At the 180C, preheated oven for about another 5-6 mins time or until the cheese starts melting & the potato jackets seemed to be well cooked and done.
  10. Once ready: Turn off the oven & allow it to be inside the hot oven for the next 10 mins time before serving it piping hot with your favourite dips/sauces/chutneys or even green salads....& ENJOY THIS DOUBLE BAKE.

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