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Recipe: Perfect Katori Chaat

Katori Chaat. Katori chaat recipe with step by step pics. Katori chaat is also known as tokri chaat. Chatpati Katori Chaat Recipe, Kurkuri Chaat, how to make tokri chaat, Basket chaat, Iftaar Special. कटोरी चाट बाजार से भी टेस्टी घर पर बनाये Katori Chaat recipe Basket Chaat Tokri Chaat.

Katori Chaat Check out the Katori Chaat Recipe in Urdu. Learn how to make best Katori Chaat Recipe, cooking at its finest by chef at Masala TV Also Check Katori Chaat Recipe, ingredients and complete Method. Katori Chaat Recipe : If you are a food lover and love to eat exotic food, then this appetize or snack for any sort of Yes, we are talking about the delectable katori chaat recipe also known as tokri chaat. Katori Chaat most diverse and have mind flavor that unique. Few kinds of Katori Chaat recipes are also enough convenient to process and dont take long. Though not everyone likes Katori Chaat food, currently few people are get attached and like the various Katori Chaat foods on hand. This could be visible from the number of restaurants that supply Katori Chaat as one of the dishes. You can have Katori Chaat using 17 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Katori Chaat

  1. It's of For Tiny Canapes / Katori.
  2. Prepare 1 Cup of Maida/all-purpose flour.
  3. You need 2 Tbsp of Ghee / Butter.
  4. It's 1/4 Tsp of Salt.
  5. It's as needed of Water.
  6. It's of For Filling.
  7. Prepare 1 cup of Boiled Kala Chana(chickpeas).
  8. It's 1/4 cup of Boiled moong Beans.
  9. Prepare 1/4 cup of Boiled Moth Beans.
  10. It's 1/2 cup of Sweet Chutney.
  11. Prepare 1/2 cup of Green Chutney.
  12. Prepare as needed of Hung Curd.
  13. You need 1/2 cup of Mayonnaise.
  14. You need 2 tsp of Chaat Masala.
  15. It's of For Garnishing.
  16. It's handful of Pomegranate (Anar).
  17. You need handful of Sev.

Katori Chaat is better described as mini tarts filled with a spicy mixture of sprouts and chutneys. Katori Chaat recipe - How to make Katori Chaat. Home » Recipes » Katori Chaat. How to make Katori Chaat -.

Katori Chaat step by step

  1. Sieve the flour and salt together on a plate. Rub the ghee/butter into the flour with your fingertips and mix well..
  2. Gradually add water and knead well to make a stiff dough and rest for at least 15 minutes..
  3. Knead the dough again for just 30 seconds, divide it into equal portions..
  4. Roll out a portion of the dough into a medium-thick circle. Place the circle into a 75 mm. (3”) diameter tart case and press the circle gently around the sides of the tart case..
  5. Prick all over the tarts with the help of a fork. Arrange the tarts on a baking tray and bake in a pre-heated oven at 180ºc for approx. 10 minutes..
  6. Cool the tart cases and use as required..
  7. Handy tip: Greasing of tart moulds is not necessary, unless the moulds are new..
  8. Fill the bite-size Katori/canape with Kala Chana, mung beans, moth beans, green chutney, sweet chutney, and sprinkle some chaat masala..
  9. Now add curd and mayonnaise on top..
  10. Garnish with pomegranate and gram sev. Serve immediately.

Potato baskets stuffed with chole and chutneys. Katori chaat recipe is a simple and easy snack. You can make it on special events and festivals. Katori Chaat is a dish with a spicy taste. It is easy to make even a layman can make it easier.

Got ingredients for making Katori Chaat recipes is also not difficult. You can easily get the main ingredients at the proximate supermarket and indeed on the market. There are much kinds of Katori Chaat that are easy and quick to process into delicious dishes. You can always praxis this Katori Chaat recipe at home, and can presenting it to your children and extended family. If you wish to cook different foods on our website, we supply sundry types of food recipes which are of certainly very delicious and enjoyable to enjoy, please try they.



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